The ball is rolling

It seems I despaired too soon last Friday. I got a call from Personal Touch to do a couple hours this month on Saturday. Then I got the message about the job in Jersey that I subsequently succeeded in attaining. After that, another message about a hospice in Philly that is serious about having a harp therapist with whom I’m having a meeting this week. I’m not sure it will work out since the woman I spoke with mentioned a ‘conflict of interest’ as I’m working with another hospice already. We shall see. And yesterday! Yesterday I got a call from the company I played the Memorial Day service and another service for and the woman I spoke with wants me to do three hours on Monday at one of their nursing homes! Granted, it’s rather last minute, which normally would be a pain, but she actually wants me on patient floors, which is fantastic. So after having next to no work, I’m working four hours this week. It’s a rather good start if I do say so myself.

In other news, I met with Edie yesterday as well, and I am going to start working on my mastery level certificate. It seems she has high hopes for me that match my own ambitions. The variety of prospects is indeed astonishing. There’s a lot going for the field of harp therapy, and it seems only to be going forward. I think it’s a great time to be a part of it. There is nothing like a meeting with Edie to make a gal feel great about life. :) Now I just have to remain patient and keep plugging, which is so much easier said than done since I would *really* like to feel 100% confident in telling people that I am an established career harp therapist. As they say, though, one day at a time.


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