Found more work

Today I succeeded in securing a job in New Jersey. Rather than coming as a response to one of my letters, this came about from a general call to the Bedside Harp population. Still – hurray! Hopefully this won’t take as long to come together as the first one. According to the man who hired me, he’s going to try to get me started within the month. This works for me. And I still have another job prospect I heard about through BSH that I’m meeting with next week. Things are looking up for sure. It’s so much nicer when you can feel the ball rolling.

I sometimes wonder how others take the job search. As I’ve mentioned to more than one person recently, as I understand it, most if not all of the other BSH graduates have careers already or are retired. I’m in the rather unique position of attempting to make a full career of harp therapy. It’s all I’ve ever really wanted to do (since my senior year of high school, anyway). I know I ought to have a backup plan, but I really can’t imagine what else would be a good career for me. Even if I think of one – ok honestly I’ve thought of one or two – I would have to go back to school, and that is just not a very attractive prospect at the moment. Soon I will begin working on attaining the mastery level of harp therapy, and I’m hoping that that will help to open up even more doors towards bringing harp therapy to the level of a career for me.

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