Long time, no see

Well, clearly business has been a bit slow. I’m not very surprised given the economy and the newness of the field. Honestly, the hospice seems unsure as to how to use me given the nature of their system – they work out of different nursing homes. We need to work together to get me to see patients. I’m just not sure how to go about doing that.

I’ve already experienced my first payment snafu. Somehow the company who hired me for an event in the beginning August flubbed my check info, and I still have yet to receive it. Again, I am not surprised. We actually learned in class to expect this and not to get overly upset. Supposedly it will arrive tomorrow and all will be well.

On the upside, I am interviewing with another hospice this week, so there is the possibility of more work for me. Also, I’ve decided that I need to keep this blog going on a more regular basis. So, when I’m lacking work anecdotes, I will be keeping a reading log. There is so much wonderful reading out there for this field, and should anyone ever actually start reading this, maybe we can get interested in new information together.


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