Getting up to date

Now I have a photo to start my gallery! I know I haven’t been keeping this up as well as I’ve meant to and as much as I should. So far, I did indeed start working with Personal Touch. So far, I’ve played in three nursing homes in public areas, and one nursing home doing patient rounds. Smiles and thanks abound, really reminding me why it is I do what I do. I love bringing people joy and comfort.

At the last nursing home, I played in the cafeteria during their lunch hour. The residents seemed excited to hear me, and some even made requests. One man seemed to enjoy naming what I was playing and was rather partial to “medieval” tunes. Another requested Danny Boy, which I played, though for a moment another man at the same table got rather upset. He let out a big sob. I considered stopping, but amazingly, he didn’t seem to stay upset. Rather, at the end he smiled and said that it was lovely!

Starting tomorrow I will continue my search for more work. Also, I will attempt to be better about updating about the job search/jobs. I got rather complacent in the idea that I had a job, but I can easily do more and would love to. I am indeed officially a professional harp therapist, which is very exciting. Now I need to bring it up to the level of a career.

Peace and Love.

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  1. Sdanektir says:

    I think its a great work & it certainly will make many realise that how precious their love is.

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