Bittersweet times

Today I played for a couple – both of whom are on hospice care, but live in different nursing homes right across the street from one another. I had played for them separately once before a few weeks ago. He was very enthusiastic despite being almost totally deaf and had me play for his fellow residents at lunch time. She has dementia and is mostly unresponsive. Today, they were together. He was visiting with her in her nursing home. She was awake, but breathing hard and scratching her head a lot. He asked for love songs. Though deaf, he picked up “Let Me Call You Sweetheart” and sang along a bit and held her hand. She reached across to hold his hand with both of hers. It was a very sweet moment. Her breathing softened, and I believe she fell asleep.

Last time we met, he told me they’d been married (I think) almost 70 years. He got emotional then and told me he gets upset when he thinks of his wife. Seeing them together today – I admit I ended the session earlier than I originally intended because I saw him starting to get emotional, and I was about to as well. I believe, though, he wanted me to stop anyway. He was still very kind and grateful, smiling through his tears.

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