I walk by a room and see a lady lying in bed on her side, clothed and uncovered, awake. Her neighbor’s tv is blaring, though her neighbor’s not in the room. She’s not watching the tv, just lying there. I go in and turn off the television; that alone eases the atmosphere somewhat. I play gently for her, a bit longer than I usually do for the general residents. She never seems to look at me or acknowledge me in any way, though as I play on, her eyes slowly close and she begins snoring softly. There are no monitors or verbal cues – no external signs of any change in her condition, but I can’t imagine how peaceful it must be to drift asleep to harp music after listening to a loud obnoxious television for goodness knows how long.

This, sadly, is not uncommon. It happens almost every day. People just sit there, sometimes staring at the tv, sometimes not, and it’s turned up extra loud because they can’t hear well. Just imagine then how loud the commercials are. Perhaps it helps them to hear better, but I can just imagine the awful things those loud, noxious vibrations are doing to their bodies. Sometimes I feel like if I do nothing other than turn down or turn off a tv (that the resident is not watching of course), I’ve made a significant positive change to a resident’s day.

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