Where I need to be

Now I know that my lack of posting isn’t for lack of stories. It’s me not being in the habit. I’ve had some inspiring times especially in the last  couple weeks.

One thing the teacher from BSH, Edie, firmly believes and teaches is that there are no coincidences. This often seems to work in our favor. One day two weeks ago, I intended to go to work early, but was inexplicably exhausted when I woke up in the morning and went back to sleep for another two hours. I was disappointed in myself because I’ve really been trying to be better about having a regular sleep schedule. That day I went to Carney’s Point to play. Our nurse there heard me and came to find me to ask me to play for our patient who was actively dying. I was surprised because he wasn’t even on my list. I went to play for him in his small room filled with family members. I don’t even know how long I played, but our nurse felt the need to come in and “rescue” me – I could’ve gone on. Anyway, I went on to play for another patient of ours as well as for the other residents. As I was leaving, one of the earlier man’s loved ones came to thank me and said that not very long after I left he passed. They felt it was peaceful and that I had helped. It’s so lovely to hear that and reminds me how meaningful my work is.

In other news, I’ve finished all the class requirements for my Mastery level – the online research course (which I’m *so glad is behind me!) and the last weekend module. We focused a lot of self-care and meditation again. I’ve started including meditation into my daily routine and I really love it. It’s not routine yet, but I’m getting there.
Really, so much has happened and I’m sorry I’ve not written it down, both for the sharing and also for myself. Heck, regarding ‘no coincidences,’ I didn’t even mean to click on the button to my website just now. I guess my mouse slip was the universe telling me to stop putting off posting.

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