Happy New Year!

Since I last posted, I saw more smiles and tears, got another cold, missed work for car repairs and got snowed in. I had an impromptu recital with a Chinese woman who wanted to sing “Home Home on the Range” with me at a Christmas party, and at that same party got to see another Chinese woman do a traditional Indian dance. At one point in an inpatient unit, I played for someone who had already passed. That was kind of awkward. He may have been around just as I started, but if he wasn’t gone the whole time, he was for the most of it. I was the one to tell the nurses he had passed, though it was really that I asked if he had passed and they went and checked and said yes. In another facility I play for regularly, I made the doctor who’s usually kind of grumpy and who I was sure didn’t really like me (or rather, the idea of a harp in a medical setting) smile with some holiday music.

All in all, the holiday season seemed pretty short because of missed time. I’m glad to have brought some joy where I could, though I’m also kind of glad that I didn’t play holiday music so much that I got sick of it as many musicians do. It was a fun time, and now it’s time to crack down and learn more regular music.

Have a Happy Healthy and Prosperous New Year!

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