Getting sick

Last year, or maybe early this year, I learned the meaning of the phrase “to save for a rainy day.” My current significant other works in construction, and they generally do not work when it rains because the moisture affects certain materials and of course if they’re working outside, it creates hazardous situations. Thus, when you don’t work, you don’t get paid, so you ought to have some extra for such unforeseen conditions. This happened to me when it was very snowy and I could not get my car out of my driveway. Now that I think about it, I probably posted on this very subject.

Today another such situation has come to light – getting a cold. From the first, we learn not to go into hospitals or nursing homes with even a sniffle if we can help it. There are signs all over nursing homes that basically say if you have a cold, visit some other day when you don’t. So what to do? I feel well enough to get stuff done, but I for sure have a sniffle and a bit of a scratchy throat. The optimist in me believes I won’t spread anything, that it couldn’t possibly be airborne, and since I don’t touch people it should be ok. There are times, however, when contact with family members or staff occurs. Now I have to weigh the risk against the knowledge I don’t get paid.

I suppose I will stay home today just in case. I believe I can afford it for today. Thank goodness it’s a Friday, though, because I don’t normally work on weekends and whatever nonsense this is will probably go away. I’ve missed some time here and there already for personal reasons, and while I can afford it every once in a while, I can’t make a habit of it. Some days I’ll just have to push through when I’m extra tired, which I normally don’t because doing this work while very tired can be somewhat hazardous, but in today’s case, I suppose it’s best to keep my patients and their caretakers safe as possible.

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