Welcome to Gliss Healing.  I will be using this blog to keep track of my job search, and when the time comes, anecdotes of my hospital hours.  In order to keep things interesting, I may write about some of my past experiences playing at RWJUH Hamilton.

Today, I began my search in earnest.  I’ve spent the last few months taking a post-college breather, writing my letter, resume, getting stuff together and edited and re-edited, and such and so forth.  I finally feel prepared to send out my information to look for work.  It’s rather daunting, I’ll admit.  It doesn’t help that the economy is terrible and people are being laid off left and right from various fields, including hospitals.   Today was spent calling various facilities for the names of the people I will be sending my letter to.   I made it half way through my list – twelve facilities.  Spending that much time on the phone is surprisingly exhausting.  It’s the start of something special, though, and I really hope it works out.

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