The Beauty of Technology

Today while I was eating lunch, I realized that I wouldn’t really be able to develop my musical ability without today’s technology. For the most part, I learn by ear. Without musical recordings, it would take a long time to get around to hearing all the songs I want to learn enough times to burn them into my memory. Generally I have to hear a song at least three times in a row to get the tune down, and then I listen to different sections to get the chord progressions. This would be near impossible on vinyl and such a pain with cassettes. Thus, this post is a shout out to the wonders that are CDs, digital music, and especially Youtube. With Youtube, I don’t have to buy the individual tracks just to listen to them on the internet, and that is a beautiful thing given the number of songs that are out there for me to learn. Some time in the relatively near future I hope to start putting up clips on Youtube.

(Ok, well technically I could work really hard to learn to read and play note-perfect without the distractions of television and the internet, but that’s another story entirely ;) )

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