An inspiring evening

Today I went to a workshop and concert presented by Sunita Stanislow (see her website!). It was fantastic and inspiring. The workshop was called “The Art of the Arpeggio” and she gave a lesson on how to shape and color chords to make our harp playing more musical. She used visual language and technique, and that along with her clearly apparent passion for playing made for an incredibly engaging class. Afterwards, we had the ever-popular Bedside Harp potluck feast complete with goodies from various BSH students. Following dinner, Sunita performed a powerfully entertaining and inspiring concert including traditional and modern Jewish pieces as well as some traditional and not-so-traditional Celtic pieces. I must say one of my favorites (if I could possibly pick one) was her jazzed up version of the Butterfly.

This obviously isn’t her version, but just so you know the song I’m talking about, here’s a youtube video of a  version done by the group Celtic Women.

Tonight’s was the type of concert that makes you want to play all day and all night so you can play those beautiful songs so wonderfully, too. I really would like to learn the quick-fingered Celtic techniques of decorating music to make it really dance, though I did learn some neat tricks today that I will be implementing in my therapy rounds.


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