Sweet Dreams

Oftentimes I play for people who appear to be asleep. Maybe they are, and maybe they aren’t, but in any case their eyes are closed and they’re lying down. I know that such a person still receives the music. Their brains process it in some manner though they may not be aware of it like a wakeful person. I’ve often wondered, though, if they feel noticeably different when they wake up. Maybe it’s something barely perceptible that they don’t even really notice because they can’t pinpoint the sensation. If I were ever to create a study, it would be about live harp music during sleep. I like to think I’m sending them sweet dreams, but on a measurable scale, I wonder what I’m *actually doing.

Studies have been done regarding the effects of music on a person’s blood pressure, oxygen saturation, anxiety level, etc (and at some point I promise I’ll attach them to this site), but I wonder if wakeful perception has anything to do with it, i.e. would the effects be similar if the person were asleep? Perhaps, if it hasn’t already been done, I will suggest this for the group research proposal assignment when I take the research course for BSH.

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