What is that called?

I never know how to answer this question. The first thing that comes to mind is what song I’m playing, but most of the time, the person says “No the instrument.” Of course, the few times I first reply “It’s a harp,” they roll their eyes as if I were insulting their intelligence. ‘Of course it’s a harp.’ But goodness! 9 times out of 10 they really are asking what instrument it is! Granted, most people haven’t seen one so small, so they aren’t sure if maybe it has a different name, like the violin vs. the cello or some such.

And a little anecdote from last week:

I had this shocking experience with a woman in a nursing home. She was sitting in a hallway staring out the window. I came up beside her to play for her and she looked at me as if she were frightened. She grabbed my arm, and when she felt that I was really there she opened her mouth and started crying. She cried the whole time I played for her, but it took her some time to let go. She never said anything, but I’ve heard of some people honestly believing we’re angels, which would be understandably frightening to someone still living. Sometimes people jokingly say “Oh look, an angel,” and I laugh a little, but sometimes I get a little nervous because I know there really are some who believe.

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