Warm and Fuzzies

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to be more consistent about this blog. Hopefully some day future and current harp therapists, clients, and friends will read it and we can discuss things.

Meanwhile, work has steadily been growing. I touched base with the hospice in Philadelphia and we worked things out to get me more hours playing on patient floors. I still get a warm and fuzzy feeling every time I book a new hour. It’s so exciting to be recognized! My supervisor in the New Jersey hospice has even said he’d like to see me busier! I am well on my way to finally being able to support myself totally on harp therapy. How exciting!

So far, I’ve been able to have enough to put towards renting a new floor harp. My current one is not in such great condition at the moment since she hasn’t seen a regulator in quite some time, and I need a harp for a holiday gig next week. So, not entirely on impulse, I went to the Virginia Harp Center in Haddonfield, NJ and picked one for rent. They have a fantastic deal where you can rent a harp, and the money goes towards buying it. You can even trade for one you like better during your rental period, or buy a different one. The one I have now is lovely, but I don’t think I would buy it. It’s not my favorite aesthetically, though the walnut wood is gorgeous and she has a beautiful sound. I was rather in a pinch, however. Sadly, I couldn’t get the one I really wanted because it was on consignment, and they don’t rent those.

I’ve also decided to start taking harp lessons again starting in the New Year. Therapy and performance styles are very different, and while I’m very comfortable with the therapy aspect of harp playing, my performance could use some brushing up. It needs a little more sophistication in my opinion, which of course is the one that counts.

Now I need to get back to practicing holiday music. ‘Tis the Season! Cheers!

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