A Definitive Day

Today I had one of those harp therapy Wow moments. I played for a woman whose eyes could not focus and rolled up and whose jaw worked constantly opening and closing her mouth without end. I started slowly playing “Jesus Loves Me” and wonder of wonders, her jaw calmed down and she was holding her mouth shut. That sense of relaxation alone was pretty powerful. Then, she even started singing along. I felt this wave of – I don’t know what. Some emotion, excitement, joy, something. Tears definitely came to my eyes. She had obvious difficulty with it, but to know that she was still present and making such an effort was just so intense. We went through it a few times. Afterwards, the man who escorts me around the floor told me he’d never heard her speak in the three years he’s been there.

Every harp therapist has her or his stories, but to experience it, well I can’t even describe it. It’s a blessing. That’s for sure.

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