Two long days

And it’s only going to get longer. And better! I’ve been hired by a hospice in New Jersey where I’ll be covering three counties. Yesterday was orientation, and today I met some of the staff. Everyone seems really excited and is already thinking about who I should play for. I’m really looking forward to working with and for these people. They’re a really great group.

Afterwards, I went to Abington Memorial and played for an hour. It was my first hour towards getting my mastery level certification from BSH. It went well. I even got a request from a nurse to play for a specific patient, which according to the BSH message boards, happens rather frequently, but it was my first. The lady and her two family members really enjoyed it. I know she wasn’t in a good way because her daughter (I’m guessing) was clearly upset and crying, but the patient was watching and listening and humming along with a smile on her face. Seeing that sign of comfort on people’s faces is one of the best parts of the job.

My next project, besides writing a reading journal, which I haven’t started yet because I got sidetracked in my reading, is remembering to pack myself a lunch for these long days, which I have the feeling will happen more frequently.

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