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Found more work

Today I succeeded in securing a job in New Jersey. Rather than coming as a response to one of my letters, this came about from a general call to the Bedside Harp population. Still – hurray! Hopefully this won’t take as long to come together as the first one. According to the man who hired me, he’s going to try to get me started within the month. This works for me. And I still have another job prospect I heard about through BSH that I’m meeting with next week. Things are looking up for sure. It’s so much nicer when you can feel the ball rolling.

I sometimes wonder how others take the job search. As I’ve mentioned to more than one person recently, as I understand it, most if not all of the other BSH graduates have careers already or are retired. I’m in the rather unique position of attempting to make a full career of harp therapy. It’s all I’ve ever really wanted to do (since my senior year of high school, anyway). I know I ought to have a backup plan, but I really can’t imagine what else would be a good career for me. Even if I think of one – ok honestly I’ve thought of one or two – I would have to go back to school, and that is just not a very attractive prospect at the moment. Soon I will begin working on attaining the mastery level of harp therapy, and I’m hoping that that will help to open up even more doors towards bringing harp therapy to the level of a career for me.

Long time, no see

Well, clearly business has been a bit slow. I’m not very surprised given the economy and the newness of the field. Honestly, the hospice seems unsure as to how to use me given the nature of their system – they work out of different nursing homes. We need to work together to get me to see patients. I’m just not sure how to go about doing that.

I’ve already experienced my first payment snafu. Somehow the company who hired me for an event in the beginning August flubbed my check info, and I still have yet to receive it. Again, I am not surprised. We actually learned in class to expect this and not to get overly upset. Supposedly it will arrive tomorrow and all will be well.

On the upside, I am interviewing with another hospice this week, so there is the possibility of more work for me. Also, I’ve decided that I need to keep this blog going on a more regular basis. So, when I’m lacking work anecdotes, I will be keeping a reading log. There is so much wonderful reading out there for this field, and should anyone ever actually start reading this, maybe we can get interested in new information together.


The search continues

I sent out more letters this week. This time, some of them went to NYC. It’s close enough and I have friends there for temporary boarding should anything come up. I love that city, and some people are convinced I’ll have better luck up there. Perhaps this is so. In any case, I’m glad I found my stationery and got this extra burst of motivation. We’ll see what happens next.

Onward and Upward

This blog really is not a complete reflection of the job search process except in that there is a relatively long time between any significant moments. I’ve made some calls to local and non-local hospitals. So far that hasn’t really been successful. I did play for an hour at St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children, which was really nice. I was happy to bring a few smiles to the people there, and an especially big one on one particular girl. They called me to play for my offered hour, but knew they weren’t going to be able to hire me regularly and told me as much. That’s ok, though, it’s been ages since I played in a hospital and I was happy just to be there. It inspired me to pick up hours at Abington, a Bedside Harp host hospital, and possibly work towards my Master of Harp Therapy certificate.

Today I did catch a possible break, however. My mother has a friend who has connections in local nursing homes and is very excited about the idea and the possibilities of harp therapy. I’ve actually had his number for quite a while. Don’t ask why I didn’t call earlier. I had/have a lot of self improvement to do, and honestly, it’s also kind of nice not to have any responsibilities just yet. Recently I’ve become bored with unemployment even though I’ve been keeping active socially. I know now I’m ready to shoulder real responsibilities. I suppose I’ve said that before, but I’ve been more active about it recently, so it’s time. I have everything I need. It’s time to move onward and upward!

It’s a long road

Well, I know it’s been ages, but I suppose that’s the way of the world. So far I’ve gotten one somewhat promising phone call (which I really hope wasn’t a tease) and one e-mail saying they’ll keep my resume on file. One, I’m happy just to get a response for now (yay people noticed me!) and two, it was fun to check my glisshealing mail and not see an empty inbox.

What I really need to do is work harder at finding work! I really ought to bombard the postal system with letters to every single nursing home facility and hospital in the region, which I haven’t done yet. I’ll chalk it up to nerves that I really need to get over. The first mailing I’ll count as a little tester. If I got two responses out of nine, that’s not so bad. It could be better, but right now I’ll take what comes.

Cheers :)


Welcome to Gliss Healing.  I will be using this blog to keep track of my job search, and when the time comes, anecdotes of my hospital hours.  In order to keep things interesting, I may write about some of my past experiences playing at RWJUH Hamilton.

Today, I began my search in earnest.  I’ve spent the last few months taking a post-college breather, writing my letter, resume, getting stuff together and edited and re-edited, and such and so forth.  I finally feel prepared to send out my information to look for work.  It’s rather daunting, I’ll admit.  It doesn’t help that the economy is terrible and people are being laid off left and right from various fields, including hospitals.   Today was spent calling various facilities for the names of the people I will be sending my letter to.   I made it half way through my list – twelve facilities.  Spending that much time on the phone is surprisingly exhausting.  It’s the start of something special, though, and I really hope it works out.