Mission Statement
My mission is to alleviate stress and offer healing tranquility through harp music to the ill and all who care for them.

About Gliss Healing
The name Gliss Healing comes from the musical term glissando, which means gliding one’s fingers up or down the strings of a harp, producing the sound that is most commonly associated with the instrument.  Harp therapy provides a respite from distress and anguish, an integral part of the healing process.  Gliss Healing describes my vocation, which is to give stress relief and comfort to patients, their loved ones, and medical staff with my harp.

About Harp Therapy
Harp therapy involves playing for patients, using the sound and vibration of the harp to help people relax.  Therapists typically walk around medical facilities, playing music both in corridors and patient rooms.  The aim is to fulfill the patient’s needs through music, whether it be relaxation, catharsis, or distraction.  People may fall asleep, cry, or even feel a reduction in pain while listening.

Though harp therapy is a fairly new field, there have already been studies that have illustrated its benefits.  Music has been shown to reduce stress, improve mood, and positively effect the nervous system.  Studies have shown that patients who listen to live music may have a reduced heart rate, lower blood pressure, fall asleep faster, and have a relief from pain, anxiety, and nausea.  A study specifically geared towards harp therapy showed that acute clinical care patients had lowered blood pressure, higher oxygen saturation, and feelings of satisfaction and lessened anxiety due to the experience.

Harp music touches people so deeply for many reasons: the strings are visibly manipulated with the fingers, adding a visual element to the experience.  The structure of the harp allows the strings to vibrate freely, creating an effect that harp therapists call a “cradle of sound.”  It is difficult to fully describe the power of harp therapy in words; the best way to understand is to experience it for oneself.